FIRE – experience, understand, teach

Particularly in private households fires pose a serious threat to humans. Statistics show that most humans are badly injured or lose their lives in private household fires.

The fire safety education in Europe is mainly promoted by fire departments or fire service associations. From these initiatives evolves that the greatest sustainability of public awareness and information campaigns is observed in the target group of children.

The project has the goal to include the teaching and support staff in kindergartens (preschools) and primary schools in the fire safety education.

By means of an educational CD, these persons should

  • know the safety concept as the interaction between structural and operational/organizational measures;
  • be able to identify the structural safety devices of the own working place (school/kindergarten) and to explain their function;
  • learn the correct behaviour in the daily operation and in the case of a fire;
  • can take the right measures in case of fire to limit the damage to people and property, and in particular
  • get procedural instructions, how fire safety education can be most efficiently taught for children.

The project was carried out with financial support by the European Commission

The result does not necessarily represent the official position of the Commission

Life long Learning PROJECT 2009-1-BE1-LEO05-00084